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Charity IT Leaders is the premiere IT networking group for the UK charity sector.  Conceived of and run by IT professionals working at major UK charities, we help our members unlock the potential of Information Technology within their organisations and we provide them with opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and professional development.

Since 2000, our mission has been to help make charities more efficient and effective through the use of their information systems, processes, and technologies.  We help charities capitalise on the power of information technology and use it as a key driver of business change and service delivery within their sector.

We strive to support our unique community and its members so they can flourish and excel in their careers. Charity IT Leaders membership is inclusive of professionals at every level within IT in the charity sector, including senior, technical, digital, service management, and project leadership.

Our aim is to support the full spectrum of IT leaders as they develop throughout their careers and in particular to use our collective skills, knowledge, and experience to help build future generations of IT charity leaders.

Our integrated in-person and online resources include our annual conference, quarterly members’ meetings, communities of interest, specialist masterclasses and topical events.


What We Do

Membership is organised around the pillars of successful IT leadership; professional networking, technical expertise, and talent.  Our members’ services are aligned with three corresponding ‘programmes’ -  Connected Leaders, Expert Leaders, and Talented Leaders.  Members may choose to engage in one, two or all three programmes, depending on their preferences and needs.  We craft our quarterly meeting and our annual conference agenda to address all three areas.


Connected Logo

 The Connected Leaders programme enables our members and their teams to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge with their peers and ensures that professional networking opportunities are maximised within our community.  We encourage our members to share their expertise, ideas and experiences in a variety forums, both informally and in more structured, facilitated sessions.


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The Expert Leaders programme equips our members with the latest technical, functional, and strategic knowledge that's needed to succeed in the complex 21st century organisation. We work with a broad range of experts, vendors, and contemporary thought leaders to help our members explore specialisms, discover market trends, and identify opportunities for innovation.



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The Talented Leaders programme helps our members to reach their full potential.  We facilitate professional development by supporting members as they hone their leadership, people, and business skills. We work with external subject matter experts as well as in-house experienced members, drawing upon their specialist knowledge as well as a variety of ‘real-life’ lessons and successes.  

How We Do It

Annual Conference


The Charity IT Leaders Conference was established in 2000 and it is now widely recognised as the ‘go-to’ event for IT leaders within the charity sector. This annual, multi-day event gives our members opportunities to share knowledge, to discuss changes and challenges within the industry, to network with colleagues within the charity sector, and meet thought leaders not only from the IT domain, but also across business sectors. This year’s conference will also feature case studies from our membership, showcasing the talent that exists within the not-for-profit sphere. Pre-conference masterclasses on topics identified by our membership community will also be held.



We host quarterly members' meetings that provide members with the chance to discuss important industry topics, trends and challenges; there's also time for face-to-face networking between members. These meetings are free of charge and they are typically afternoon sessions that include lunch as well as social and networking time at the end of the event



We engage with members to get to know them as individuals and to learn about their specific interests.  Whether it's the tangible aspects of IT - such as particular products or vendors - or softer topics like strategy and leadership, the more we know about our members' priorities, the more we can do to shape our agenda and facilitate engagement within our community. 

Who Our Members Are


We have a variety of member organisations, ranging from very large charities to smaller organisations with over £10m turnover or £1m annual IT spend.  Our services are designed to benefit all types of charity IT professionals across different functions within our member organisations.  For a full list of our current members, click here. For details on our entry criteria, click here.

Join Us

Charity IT Leaders currently have over 80 members and we continue to grow.  We believe that the broader our community, the more we can offer our members and the greater impact we can have for charities in the UK.

Not quite ready to join?  If you have any questions or would like to talk to us or any of our members before you join please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.  Just contact admin@CharityITLeaders.org.uk.