What we do

Our greatest asset is our community, and the skills, knowledge and expertise within it. Our diverse membership brings together IT and digital professionals at all stages of their career, and across all disciplines within our sector. We create many opportunities for that community to network, learn, share and connect. In the last ten months we have switched all our meetings from the physical to the virtual space, extending our reach and making our network even more accessible. We’ve also delivered a greater range of online content than ever before, working with our sponsors, suppliers and experts to provide webinars, seminars, round tables and our first ever Virtual Festival, which showcased the wealth of talent within our membership and leading speakers including Caroline Carruthers, Dame Minouche Shafik, Zoe Amar and Ade McCormack.


    The Charity IT Leaders Conference was established in 2000 and it is now widely recognised as the ‘go-to’ event for IT and digital leaders within the charity sector. This annual, multi-day event gives our members opportunities to share knowledge, to discuss changes and challenges within the industry, to network with colleagues within the charity sector, and meet thought-leaders not only from the IT domain, but also across business sectors.


    We host quarterly members' meetings that provide members with the chance to discuss important industry topics, trends and challenges as well as networking with peers. Our online meetings are free of charge and accessible to all members.


    We engage with members to get to know them as individuals and to learn about their specific interests. Whether it's the tangible aspects of IT and digital - such as particular products or vendors - or softer topics like strategy and leadership, the more we know about our members' priorities, the more we can do to shape our agenda and facilitate engagement within our community.


    We have several Special Interest Groups set up to support specific disciplines and knowledge streams within IT and digital. We bring together like-minded individuals within our membership community, and engage with external speakers to offer new insights and perspectives.

Membership is organised around the pillars of successful IT and digital leadership; professional networking, technical expertise, and talent. Our members’ services are aligned with three corresponding ‘programmes’ – Connected Leaders, Expert Leaders, and Talented Leaders. Members may choose to engage in one, two or all three programmes, depending on their preferences and needs. We craft our quarterly meetings and our annual conference agenda to address all three areas.


    The Connected Leaders programme enables our members and their teams to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge with their peers and ensures that professional networking opportunities are maximised within our community. We encourage our members to share their expertise, ideas and experiences in a variety forums, both informally and in more structured, facilitated sessions.


    The Expert Leaders programme equips our members with the latest technical, functional, and strategic knowledge that's needed to succeed in the complex 21st century organisation. We work with a broad range of experts, vendors, and contemporary thought leaders to help our members explore specialisms, discover market trends, and identify opportunities for innovation.


    The Talented Leaders programme helps our members to reach their full potential. We facilitate professional development by supporting members as they hone their leadership, people, and business skills. We work with external subject matter experts as well as in-house experienced members, drawing upon their specialist knowledge as well as a variety of ‘real-life’ lessons and successes.