Charity Information

Charity IT Leaders is a registered charity (1153226). Our charitable objective is:

“The promotion for the public benefit of the efficiency and effectiveness of charities and not-for-profit organisations through the promotion of study, sharing of knowledge and advancement of the use of information technology.”

You may write to us at the following address or email [email protected]:

St James House
Vicar Lane
S1 2EX

Our Trustees are:

  • Laura Dawson – Interim Chair
  • Stuart McSkimming – Deputy Chair
  • Matt Jago – Treasurer
  • Richard Bailey
  • Caroline Carruthers
  • Jon Curry
  • Jane Deal
  • Neil Edmonds
  • Phillip Edwards
  • Seth Harman
  • Anna Hoskins
  • Jane Huntington
  • Laura Moore

The Charity’s constitution and governing document is here CITL CIO Constitution 2019


Please click the links below to access our Annual Reports:


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Disclaimer of Liability

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