Events Programme 2024

CITL events are places for our members to network, collaborate and benefit from a supportive and welcoming environment. We bring together members, sponsors and sector experts and innovators to share the latest developments, work together to solve sector challenges and problems, and benefit from the extensive knowledge and expertise within our community.

All our events are listed here on our events page, and are clearly marked as either CITL events, joint events with sponsors and other collaborators or sponsor-driven events.

Image shows a segment of a computer keyboard with a large blue key with the word "Register" on it, to indicate you should register for our events.

We aim to deliver an events programme that is relevent, engaging and beneficial to our members, and which is welcoming, inclusive and accessible to all. We’ve developed the first iteration of our CITL Events Charter to be clear about our goals and values, and to ensure that our members and other events participants can be clear about what they can expect, and what we expect of them. We expect this Charter to develop over time, based on feedback from members and delegates, and our own experience. We welcome feedback on the Charter.

CITL cannot be held liable for the information shared within our webinars, in-person events and other activities, or those events shared on behalf of our sponsors and partners. We provide our members, sponsors, industry experts and thought-leaders with a platform to offer a wide variety of information, advice, experience and opinion. No agreement or endorsement on the part of CITL should be percieved or implied. Our aim is to enable all our speakers the opportunity to disseminate information and further discussion within our membership and beyond, to the benefit of our community and the wider sector.