Challenging the Myths: The Real Story of AI for Non-Profits

Everywhere you look you’ll see blogs, articles and webinars about AI. Some say it will revolutionise the way we work and deliver huge efficiencies and benefits. Some think it is the start of a sinister plan by a huge AI brain to dominate humanity. (Think Skynet and the Terminator.)

The truth is somewhere in between.

Join us on 28 November at 12.30pm when our CEO, Tree Hall Âû and Leon Godwin, CloudEvangelist with our Gold Sponsors, Cloud Direct, will unpick the myths and explore what AI can really do for charities and not-for-profits.

Bring your questions and challenges, hear about the creative ways AI might help your organisation, and find out what you need to do to prepare your organisation for AI capability.

Book your place for the live discussion, or to watch back later by clicking this link, which will take you to LinkedIn: LinkedIn Live event booking.

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What our members say

"Since I joined Charity IT Leaders back in 2019, I've felt blessed to be part of a supportive, expert and engaged community that I and my team can learn from as we move through our digital journey at Cats Protection. I've found the community, warm, welcoming and willing to help at every twist and turn of the way, and my thanks go out to the CITL community, management team and Trustees for all their support over the years." - Kevin Adams, Director of Digital Transformation
"It is never more important to have a good network of peers to call upon when the chips are down or you need some variety and insight to enthuse you. Charity IT Leaders has given me that network and I am always grateful for the shared understanding, insight and spark it gives me." - Laura Dawson, Former charity CIO, Fractional CIO and Consultant
Girls' Day School Trust logo "Membership of Charity IT Leaders gives me and my team unparalleled access to a supportive, engaged and expert community which enables us to learn from peers and improve IT and digital performance at the GDST." - Dan Hall, Director of IT
"Charity IT Leaders is a welcoming and supportive environment in which I have found reassurance that I’m not alone in the professional challenges that I have faced. I have found ideas, solutions and laughs from this enthusiastic group of IT leaders from varied backgrounds." - Brigid Macdonald, Head of IT