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Virtue & Virtuosity

A new, weekly podcast from charity tech guru, and CITL Deputy-Chair of Trustees, Stuart McSkimming.

Join Stuart each week as he interviews CIO’s, CTO’s, business leaders, tech experts and industry leaders  about their experiences of how charities and not-for-profits are embracing the opportunities and managing the challenges of AI.


Episode One - Tree Hall and Caty Mueller

Stuart McSkimming chats with Tree Hall, CEO of Charity IT Leaders about the podcast, and interviews Caty Mueller, Technology Director at the National Trust to hear about their strategic plans with AI.

Episode Two - Ivan Wainewright and Jon Fox

Episode two is co-hosted with Ivan Wainewright, a virtuoso of the charity CRM world. We discuss the parallels between AI and CRM implementations. Stuart interviews Jon Fox from the Alzheimer's organisation and hears about their uses of AI, including how they are using transcription to improve how their helplines operate.

Episode Three - Mary O'Callaghan and Rob Way

Mary O'Callaghan joins Stuart as this week's co-host, where they discuss benchmarking across the sector and how charities effectively share knowledge. Stuart interviews Rob Way from the British Heart Foundation and hears how they have embedded AI into their strategic approach.

Episode Four - Small Charities

In this episode Stuart is focusing on small charities. He talks with Ivan Delany, a digital trustee with Cambridge House, and with Pratish Kotecha, an adoption consultant. Ivan describes his five priorities for leaders, trustees and digital specialists to focus on in smaller organisations, and while Pratish talks practicalities, sharing how you can implement AI tech in your organisation.

Episode Five - Karin Woodley

Stuart discusses the bigger picture on AI, and where it is going. Stuart talks with Karin Woodley, Chair of the Race Equality foundation about her concerns with bias and AI - and also what the charity sector, governments and the tech industry can be doing about this.

Starts at the Top

Way back during lockdown, Starts At the Top began as a podcast about digital disruption. But very soon, co-hosts Zoe Amar and Paul Thomas realised that leaders were telling them about something more important and urgent: how traditional ways of leading had changed, forever. Zoe and Paul speak to leaders who are carving out new ways of leading, covering topics from emerging tech to inclusion, remote work, mental health and climate change.

Their podcast isn’t about shiny corporate case studies. It’s about the lessons learned and progress made the hard way – and how that can inspire others.

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There are so many great podcasts about leadership, business accument, digital technology and charities. Here are some of our suggestions for more great podcasts.

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The Charity CEO Podcast - Dhivya O'Connor

Featuring candid, meaningful discussions that get beneath the surface of issues, this podcast aims to inspire, inform and deliver practical insights on the challenges affecting charity and nonprofit leaders today. For the benefit of leaders across the sector and for people who care about the important work of charities. Tackling a different theme each episode, Dhivya O’Connor, a charity CEO herself, invites top CEOs to share their unique insights, expert knowledge, and lessons learned running successful charities. The Charity CEO Podcast is produced and hosted by Dhivya O’Connor.

The Charity Digital Podcast

Looking to stay ahead of the digital curve? Kickstart your digital journey? Or just see how other charities are making the most of technology? The Charity Digital podcast looks to inspire and educate, and connect charity pros to the latest trends in the (sometimes) scary world of 'digital'. We'll be discussing poignant topics, pain points, and success stories. Don't forget to subscribe through your usual podcast provider to be the first to know when our next pod drops!

Being a Digital Leader - The good the bad and the ugly of digital transformation

Join us as we dive deep into the world of digital transformation with real-life stories of breakthroughs and challenges from the front lines. In each episode, we'll sit down with industry experts, AND Digital consultants, and other influential figures in the technology space to hear about their personal experiences of leading digital transformation initiatives. We'll explore what worked, what didn't, and the lessons learned along the way.