Tips & tools for Covid-19 management

We are all looking for ways to support our colleagues and be ready to implement different ways of working in order to maintain services through the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The following is a list of resources and services accessible to any of our members, which may be of help.

Please feel free to share this list with colleagues and other organisations.

Guidance on remote working and wellbeing:

  • This is a crowdsourced document with advice covering many aspects of home and remote working. You can access the information or add to the document yourself:
  • Mind, the mental health charity, has developed these guidelines for looking after your wellbeing during the current pandemic. With advice about working from home and self-isolating and how to stay mentally well, the document is aimed at wellbeing rather than technical advice: Https://


Tools, apps, products and services

As more people are encouraged or directed to work from home, and offices consider shutting down to all but essential personnel, there is increasing demand on VC apps and products. The following is a list (not exhaustive) of potential solutions:

Ring Central are offering to help organisations stay connected during the Coronavirus outbreak for charities, healthcare and education by providing video meetings, messaging and phone FREE for 3 months so organisations can keep connected and get the job done from anywhere:

Planning and business continuity

Databarracks are experts in contingency planning, business continuity and disaster management, and have developed a set of resources specifically tailored to pandemic management. The guidance notes and planning spreadsheets are attached to the covering email with this document. If you need support in using the planning spreadsheets, Databarracks have kindly offered to assist. Get in touch with them at