We are the Security Awareness Special Interest Group (the SASIG), a strong networking community for thousands of cybersecurity professionals, supporting the development of the industry through a series of physical events, webinars and masterclasses. We provide an environment where security professionals across all sectors can gather together privately to explore contentious and challenging cybersecurity issues in greater detail.

We are committed to providing a space for cybersecurity professionals to gather safely and freely exchange views and concerns about the issues of affecting the industry.

With SASIG membership restricted to industry frontliners only, our events are a non-sales space, exclusively made up of security professionals with the exception of our vetted supporters who contribute to the community.

We enforce the Chatham House Rule at all of our physical events and members-only webinars.

The intention of the SASIG is to create a community, and therefore we foster an environment of supportiveness, informality and inclusivity.

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