“Bad things happen”
“It is not if you suffer a cyber-attack, it’s when”
“We are exhausted, we go from one major incident to another”

Demand for Digital Technology services and transformation is through the roof and now everyone is asking about AI as well. Cyber attacks are reported daily and managing them can last for weeks and weeks. On top of everything else, investment is drying up and we are all being asked to cut budgets. It is exhausting!

It may seem an odd time to suggest you start thinking about the resilience of your organisation, your team, your projects, yourself… but there has never been more need to ensure that your organisation is not running on empty.

Join Laura Dawson, Chair of Charity IT Leaders, for an opportunity to think about how you can prepare for those bad things happening and reduce the long term impact on your organisation, your team, and yourself.

Date:   Monday 17 June
Time:   4pm
Place:  Members’ Forum, via Microsoft Teams

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