Membership threshold removed and free membership for new members

Because of the challenges we are all facing, and the unstable environment in which we’ll be operating for the next few months, our community and wider networks are even more important.

Charity IT Leaders recognises that this is a very difficult time and that’s why we have made several important decisions about membership in order to support the widest network we can.

We have removed the threshold qualifications to membership so now enable ALL charitable and NFP organisations can join.

In addition new members will be offered six months free membership with full access to all meetings*, content and benefits.

* – they will need to have paid subscriptions prior to the conference if they wish to attend that event.

Email us if you have any questions about membership or go to our Join Us page to start the membership process.

If you know of other organisations who would benefit from membership, please encourage them to contact admin. We also have a membership flyer you can send to them.