Jisc Security Conference 2022

Jisc is a not-for-profit organisation providing world-class digital solutions for the third sector, local government, public sector and UK education and research providers. We hold an annual security conference to bring together the community to share their lessons learned and to support each other’s cyber security journey.

Dates: 7-9 November 2022

Venue: ICC Wales, The Coldra, Catsash Rd, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1HQ and online

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Cyber security is far from just another IT issue. A strong posture derives from good governance and positive culture, alongside assurance and technology. Security incidents happen fast, and everything needs to be ready for when they do. Thinking you or your organisation won’t be targeted is the biggest security mistake you can make.” Jon Hunt, Jisc’s cyber security delivery manager

Why should cybersecurity be at the top of everyone’s agenda?

Any cyber security specialist will tell you that keeping your organisation secure requires a holistic approach – every staff member has a part to play. At the security conference 2022, we address this need head-on with an in-depth programme of talks, training workshops designed to upskill all staff members and sessions designed to examine the key areas where vulnerabilities lie across an organisation.

Attacks are rising; hackers have jumped at the opportunity to strike as thousands work from home on unsecured networks. You need the latest knowledge to stay ahead of the curve and ensure you can mitigate ever-changing risks.

Attending this event will give you practical advice to safeguard yourself and your colleagues while gaining a greater understanding of cybersecurity threats.

This year’s three-day event comprises:

Day one (in person) – a targeted exhibition of key cyber security vendors and sessions addressing critical challenges as a community

Day two (in person) – a more intimate day featuring presentations dedicated to our members and customers and personal deep-dive experiences

Day three (online) – an entirely virtual day where we aim to reach as many members of staff as possible to engage with cybersecurity

Programme themes

This year’s security conference will focus on defending as one to improve your security posture. Within that, four key themes will be running through each day of the security conference. Each will give you a broader understanding of the steps needed to stay safe and how data protection and information security can help keep your organisation secure.

Zero trust

How to balance protection with open research and learning globally, we will discuss the security considerations when applying a zero-trust model.


Cyber resilience

Are you prepared for a cyber-attack? This theme will discuss the benefits of threat intelligence, showcasing individual experiences while highlighting the importance and impact on the human factor. A few basic steps can make a world of difference.

Multi-cloud world

We are using multiple cloud environments more than ever; this theme will highlight and tackle the security challenges presented by the multi-cloud world.

Sharing is caring

An opportunity for the community to share their war stories, present case studies, and provide their top tip. This theme will build on the overarching theme of defending as one.

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