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Secrutiny brings clarity of vision and a sense of purpose to the cybersecurity sector. To our founders, it was apparent that complex, mis-configured and disconnected security solutions were widespread, leading to confusion, cyberbreaches and greater costs for businesses. We work with you to analyse where you are on your cyber journey and then produce a practical plan to reduce risk. We aim to compliment existing investments in your technology and people.

We’re proud to support Charity IT Leaders’ community of charities and not-for-profit organisations by providing weekly threat bulletins, free e-books and resources to support your cybersecurity journey.

  • 2022 has been another challenging year for cybersecurity. After the high-profile breaches of 2021, including Solar Winds and Colonial Pipeline, we’re continuing to see significant economic and security consequences. Ransomware is still a big threat, targeting many small and
    medium-sized enterprises. Perhaps most concerning is how adversaries target
    and exploit critical infrastructure and supply chain security flaws at a faster rate
    than in the past.

    This has led many cybersecurity professionals to question what they should prioritise to be
    better protected from an attack in the first instance and what would offer the best
    assurance they will survive an incident should the worst happen.

    Secrutiny has developed this guide to the top cybersecurity must-haves – the fivethings we should all be doing or looking to invest in over the years.

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