Code42 webcast on management of data risk

In response to the increased security risks of whole staff teams working remotely, Code42 have developed a new tool called WFH Lens. Experts in Data Loss Prevention, Code42 will be running a webcast at 3pm on Thursday 26 March to demo the tool. In addition to this, Code42 are offering free use of their entire Platinum product for 60 days to any security teams that need to better manage data risk as employees work from home and deployments can be initiated within 24 hours. They support Windows, Mac and Linux environments. This includes the new WFH Lens.

At a time when so much data activity is happening off network, what security teams had visibility to last week is invisible this week, learn how to get an organisation-wide view of data risks posed by your remote workforce by joining the webcast, hosted by Code42 CISO Jadee Hanson and Sr. Product Marketing Manager Abhik Mitra by clicking here.