MS Society

Our Members Logo

Our vision: a world free from the effects of MS

Our mission: to enable everyone affected by MS to live life to their full potential and secure the care and support they need, until we ultimately find a cure.

Our values:

Bold: We are brave and innovative. We are not afraid to take risks and speak out, even when it is not easy. We are pioneering and dynamic in our approach to achieving our goals.  We will campaign and push boundaries, and will not give up until we have beaten MS.

Expert: As a community, we understand MS better than anyone else.  Our work is built on the rich and varied expertise and experience of people affected by MS; our staff, volunteers, professionals and scientists to improve the lives of people affected by MS.

Ambitious: We do not accept the status quo. We set high standards and work hard to reach them, driving real change. We push the boundaries and are positive about beating MS.

Together: We achieve success by working with the whole MS community and others who can help us achieve our goals. We are collaborative and inclusive in our approach to succeed in delivering our goals. Everything we do shows we support and care about each other.