Webinar: Introducing Computing: Delta - a new insight provider

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  • Webinar: Introducing Computing: Delta - a new insight provider

Join this webinar, designed especially for members of the Charity IT Leaders Forum, to find out what Delta can do for you.



Delta is a new market intelligence service from Computing. Unlike others, it is UK-centric and totally independent of vendor funding or influence of any kind. Delta can help you understand a market and its offerings, with in-depth data on what thousands of organisations like yours think of the solutions they use each day.

Each report contains an examination of the current trends affecting that technology area, before presenting a deep dive into the principle vendors, including data on what hundreds of independently sourced customers think of them.

In this webinar you'll see Delta in action, including a demonstration of how it can be used to answer your specific questions. And because it's live, you'll have the opportunity to quiz the Delta team, to find out exactly how it can help you. Interactivity and advisory support is at the heart of delta, so we very much look forward to engaging with you on this webinar.

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