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The March 2020 Quarterly Meeting will be held on 12th March starting with lunch at 12.30 for a prompt start to the meeting at 1pm.



Business Continuity – more than just backups!

Please join us for the first quarterly meeting of 2020 on 12 March in central London (venue TBC), when we’ll be tackling the elephant in the room - business continuity. We all talk about it (after the event), we all write about (remember that process document you wrote all those years ago), and we all need it. It is the epitome of “having it and not needing it” over “needing it and not having it”.

So when did you last test it?

We’re going to cover topics of process, incident management, new technologies we should all be thinking about and even a round table discussion on how we should be testing our business continuity and hope it fails!

We’ll also be joined by our Platinum Sponsors, Data Barracks.  

Later this year, Databarracks will facilitate Business Continuity workshops for CITL members. Bob Cawsey, Head of Project and Business Continuity Practice at Databarracks, will provide an overview of the workshops, walk through the key risks charities face in 2020 and recommendations of how to improve your organisational resilience.

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We hope that you will join us.