Events Calendar

Events Calendar


Many companies are responding brilliantly to the need for support, connections, advice and information, and there is a growing calendar of brilliant events available to meet a varity of needs. The schedule below is not exhaustive, and if you know of other events, webinars, online meetings etc that should be added to this list, please email and let us know.


March 26 at 15:00

Webcast with Code42 CISO, Jadee Hanson, to demo their new security product, WFH Lens, which  enables organisations to implement a quick, simple way to detect, investigate and respond to elevated data risk posed by employees working from home, as well as validate that they are correctly using corporate-sanctioned collaboration tools like Slack and OneDrive and not their own tools like Dropbox.  

In addition to this, Code42 are offering free use of their entire Platinum product for 60 days to any security teams that need to better manage data risk as employees work from home and deployments can be initiated within 24 hours. They support Windows, Mac and Linux environments. This includes the new WFH Lens.

 To register, please visit:

Technology is just one of the essential tools we have to work with. Connecting with people remotely rather than in person challenges our empathy, leadership and interpersonal skills in new ways. We’re delighted to be working with Salma Shah, founder of 'Mastering Your Power' and a highly skilled coach and trainer with practical experience in people, tech and digital. She has developed a range of online classes to support our members in applying their people skills and supporting colleagues in these unconventional and challenging working times.

Friday 3 April at 10:00

Psychological Safety and Emotional Wellbeing -

Friday 4 September at 10:00

The new reality - post Covid-19 -

 More info and booking pages to follow on these:

  • Friday 1 May at 10:00 - Empathy vs Sympathy 
  • Friday 5 June at 10:00 - Difficult conversations and conflict resolution 
  • Wednesday 1 July at 10:00 - Now is the time to build your leadership brand